communications memo

Working on teams is a common way business and organizational tasks are conducted today. Group work can be rewarding and frustrating. Thus, it is critical that you learn how to make every group experience a success.
One of the most frequent complaints with group work is the amount of time wasted in trying to get organized and make decisions. There are also complaints that individual members are not “pulling their weight.” To reduce these problems, your group should answer the following questions regarding the means by which they will work together as the semester progresses.
Consider a group at work, or another situation in which you are a member of a group that has a specific task or set of tasks to accomplish. This can be a project team at work, a committee for ministry or a civic organization, a team for a class project, or any other group that has from 3-10 members.
For that group, develop a communication plan and submit it in a memo document of up to two pages, single spaced in length. Submit in a *.doc or *.rtf file format. This document should be in a business professional memo format. Address the memo to the professor. You may use one of the professional memo templates in Microsoft Word.
The memo should include the following:

The primary task or function/purpose of the group
First name and primary function (job) of each team member.
Technologies and methods you use to communicate (i.e. Google Hangouts, Google Docs, Skype, email, phone, meetings, text messaging, etc.)
A description of how you plan to resolve issues and make final decisions.
A description of how you plan to encourage and maintain a high quality of contribution.
A description of how you plan to deal with personal conflicts among group members.

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