Reaction Paper
Complete a reaction paper regarding the statement  “Women should be sentenced differently than men.”

Read this attached file “You make the decision” on the issue:  Women and Prison CJ 1400.pdf Women and Prison CJ 1400.pdf – Alternative Formats   .
Now click on the link below and go through the PowerPoint presentation on Reaction Paper format:    Reaction Paper Format2.ppt Reaction Paper Format2.ppt – Alternative Formats  
In addition, read below, pulled from your syllabus, regarding the Reaction Paper format.  If you still have questions about the format of this paper, please contact me early in the week for assistance.
Remember, there is no “right” or “wrong” answer to this assignment, just your ability to articulate your opinion in the proper reaction paper format.

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Reaction Paper FormatIntroductionThe purpose of responding to a reaction statement is to enhance critical thinking skills. Your objective in writing a response to the designated statement is to “…define an issue clearly and to formulate and clarify your position on that issue by reacting to a controversial statement” ( Johnson, Rettig, Scott, and Garrison, 2002, p. 127). In this exercise, there are four essential elements to be completed:

Define the issue announced in the statement;
Clearly state your position with regard to the statement;
Defend your position; and
Conclude your reaction.


Defining the Issue – As you examine the statement, what is the most critical element presented? In this case, is it equality of sentencing? Is it the gender of those being sentenced? Does it imply that women and men commit different types of crimes? Is it the scarcity of prison space that is the controlling condition? As you define the issue(s) in the statement, provide some clarity for yourself that allows you to establish a clear position.
Clearly State your Position on the Issue – There should be no doubt where you stand on the issue. Perhaps you believe that “Scarce prison space is too valuable to expend on women prisoners convicted of only property crimes.” Or, you might believe “It is equal justice under the law that makes the U.S. criminal justice system work. Women offenders deserve equality of sentencing under all circumstances!” Your position should be capable of being stated in a short paragraph that includes a clear statement of your position such as those found above.
Defend your Position – Here is where the “rubber hits the road.” The traction and credibility of your position rest in large measure on how well you support your stance. To best support your position:

Identify the most important arguments needed to support your position and state them clearly (if you are using another source, make sure you are citing it properly in your response so that it may be verified);
Facts, facts, facts win the day, so use plenty of facts and information to support your stand; and
Be logical, accurate, and clear in the presentation of your facts.

           4.  Conclude Concisely –  This exercise will conclude with one and no more than two paragraphs that will summarize your argument and position. It should be persuasive, clearly written, and concise.Reaction Paper Format IssuesHeadings: Upper left corner of your paper:

Course number and title

Title (centered on the page): Your reaction paper will begin with a title declaring where you stand on this statement: A Negative Reaction to the Statement “Women Should Not Be Sentenced Differently than Men” if you disagree with the statement, or A Positive Reaction to the Statement “Women Should Be Sentenced Differently Than Men” if you agree with this position.Length, Font, Spacing: The length of this paper is to be no less than 900 words double-spaced. Please word process your work using Times New Roman size 12 font. You are required to provide three properly cited references (APA or MLA), with a references page. You can use the paper in this assignment as one of your references. Must be submitted in Microsoft Word format. NO OTHER FORMAT WILL BE ACCEPTED!  
Reaction paper format information, adapted in part from:
Johnson, W., Rettig, R., Scott, G. & Garrison, S. (2002). The criminal justice student writer’s manual. (2nd ed). Prentice-Hall.  

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