Ch-12 reflection

Chapter 12 talks a little bit about adult attachment.  Your reflection for this chapter centers around using the library database, (Academic Search Premier) to find an article about adult attachment styles.  Link the article and then create and describe an experiment that you would do to test a hypothesis ( which you create) that centers around adult attachment.
This is an example.
“For my experiment, I would have 2,000 adult participants, 1,000 females and 1,000 males. In order to determine what attachment style each individual would have. In order to find this information out, I would interview each individual and ask a series of questions based on scenarios from each attachment style. I would start off by asking basic questions so that the participant feels comfortable in the setting. Once the participant is comfortable start asking questions that are more based on a specific attachment style but do not ask all questions from the same category back to back spice it up.  Each interview is would be about an hour-long for 50 questions. Once the participant has completed the interview they will be given their results after they are analyzed. I hope to inform many people on their attachment style and if they agree with what was found. 
Dr. Diane Poole Heller’s Attachment Styles Test consisted of an online questionnaire. The questionnaire is designed to be an interactive learning tool. The choices for the questions are disagree, mostly agree, and strongly agree. 
Another Attachment Style Test is the Dynamic-Maturational method which is described to be self-protective strategies and patterns of mental processing of speakers. This method is suited better for differentiating individuals with psychological disorders than the set of classifications used by the Main and Goldwyn method. The Dynamic method uses the function of discourse markers to define the meaning, whereas the Main and Goldwyn method assigns meanings to discourse.”  
I did not include the links that the person added to the assignment.

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Ch-12 reflection
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