Prompt: After completing the lecture and reading assignments, write a 2-page response to the following questions/prompts. Include at least one biblical example from the text in your answer.
What are some common examples that you have experienced where you have had to (as a manager or an employee) show kindness, compassion and forgiveness?
What examples have you witnessed or been a party to in regard to seeing the connection between positive and negative consequences tied to risks in pursuit of performance goals?
APA Style 7th Edition(no running headers),Direct quotes require quotation marks and page numbers

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Requirements: minimum 500 words
Use as a reference and inlcude page numbers. Zip file (3) is the book Woolfe, L. (2002). The Bible on Leadership.  New York, NY: AMACOM Books. ISBN: 978-0-8144-0682-3 

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