Capstone Assignment for Computer Programming Tech.

I need a rough draft built first and then the final paper
The parameters are as follows:

Prepare a report in APA format that details your research and assessment findings and conclusions, and your development plan for each phase of this project. The sections required for this report are as follows:

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Capstone Assignment for Computer Programming Tech.
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Title Page [unique title and not title of this assignment]
Relationship between Followership and Leadership Styles and their Traits
Followership and Leadership Expectations in [name of professional field]
Followership and Leadership Assessment
Followership and Leadership Development Plan

Within each of sections d-g, each of the section objectives/instructions must be carefully addressed in this final report. Do note that this is a professional report, so use of first person and contractions, etc. is not permitted.
The minimum word length, excluding the title page, abstract, and references, is 2500 words. More than likely, you will exceed this minimum word length, given the scope and requirements of this project.

18 references in APA format within the last 10 years.

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