Before Sunset Analysis

Jesse verbally confirms the underlying desire that he wishes he was in Paris with her by stating, “I like being here. ” In the car ride he reveals how unhappy he is with his marriage and over the last nine years he constantly dreams and reminisces about Cline. When he makes the comment about Liking being “here” It has various meanings. He literally Is answering to the fact that he Is happy he hasn’t dissolved Into molecules but he Is really expressing that he Is happy he’s In Paris and with Cline. As they continue on to her apartment down the road, Jesse observes the scenery and is amazed of where
Cline lives. This is only the second time in the film that the camera zooms out enough to show all of their surroundings; first time showing Notre Dame on the boat ride. The camera shoots from behind them for a brief moment to show the area from their viewpoint. The director could have done a similar shot while they were walking through the park in the beginning of the film but the focus was on their conversation and not to be on the scenery at that moment in the film. The two begin to approach Saline’s cat In the courtyard, a metaphor for Jesses life can be seen.
Saline’s makes he point that every morning she brings the cat to the courtyard and every morning It embraces Its surroundings as If it was the first time It had ever been there; much Like Jesses reaction to the place after seeing It for the first time. Jesse however takes It as something deeper, as seen on his facial expression. It is thought that a happy marriage can be obtained if you are able to look at your spouse every day and fall back in love with them like it is the first time. Jesse, unhappy with his marriage and unable to do that, expresses his new for the cat through a sinking expression on his face.

In order for the happiness to return to him he pleads for Cline to sing him one of his songs. This is one of various attempts throughout the movie to spend more time with her. She agrees to one song and they begin up the long stairwell to her apartment. This Is where a complete change in the movie’s environment can be seen. The whole movie Is nothing but dialogue up until this point. The stairwell was dark and small, much different than the locations of the other scenes as those were majority outside or In Apparels cafes. There Is not one word spoken between the two after Jesse makes a comment of how he loves the old staircases.
Does he love them they are the stairs that are leading him in to Saline’s world for the first time? Ironically, not a word is said but Just a giggle from Cline as they end their climb. The only thing missing from Jesses life back home is laughter in the home and the only noise in this scene is a laugh from Cline. I chose this scene because it showed where the characters relationship has changed after an hour spent together. The behavior towards each other changed after revealing details of their lives in and ongoing conversation that doesn’t seem to miss a beat; it was in this scene that there is silence for the first time.

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Before Sunset Analysis
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