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Question 1 : You  are the web master for the Republican Party National Committee. Prepare  a risk assessment analysis for your website. Some questions to  consider: 

Who is likely to attack your site?
When are attacks likely to occur?
What sort of attacks might take place?
How can you best minimize attacks and protect the integrity of your site?
Write between 200-300 words and provide references.

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Question 2 :  Do a bit of research on penetration testing techniques. Investigate and document the following 

Five network penetration testing techniques
Advantages and disadvantages of each
One notable social engineering test
Possible negative implications of penetration tesing

Please write between 200 and 300 words   
Question 3 : Do some research on Threat Response software. Find one particular software package to investigate. 

What does the software do?
What are it’s major features?
What kind of training is required?
How much does the software cost?

Do not do the same software as everyone else.  Write 200-300 of your own words

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