To complete this discussion board, complete steps 1, 2, and 3:
1. First, briefly describe a community that is especially important to you. Your community could be well defined, perhaps it is a student organization? Or a community association? Your community could be less defined, like being a part of movement or identity group. 
2. Then, think of a specific work or art or architecture in the community you describe above to discuss the ways in which it conveys (or perhaps contradicts) your own ideas of the importance of that community. What is the name, date, and artist of the work, if available? And how does it, or does not, best indicate the community you described? *Be sure to actually post an image of your chosen work in your text box. If you need to review the instructions on how to do this, review the video tutorial in the instructions of Discussion Board: GRAPHIC DESIGN, FILM, PHOTOGRAPHY, & ALTERNATIVE MEDIA.*

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