Argumentation and Advocacy- Topic 1

TOPIC: 1 Reading Exercise 
Complete the exercises in the attached document, “Reading Exercises.” These exercises are also in the textbook, refer to your text should you have questions or need further examples.
Read Chapters 1 and 2 in Introduction to Logic.
Read “Ways of Knowing and Willingness to Argue” by Schommer-Aikins & Easter, from Journal of Psychology (2009). 
Read “Developing Face-to-Face Argumentation Skills: Does Arguing on the Computer Help?” by Iordanou, from Journal of Cognition & Development (2013).
 Read “The Language of Argumentation” by Taylor, from Science Teacher (2013).
 Read “Principles in Persuasion: Beyond Characteristics of the Speaker” by Bradshaw, from Jury Expert (2012).
 View “For Argument’s Sake” by Cohen, from TED Talks (2013).
Read “Persuasion” from Mosdell, from Key Concepts in Public Relations (2009).
Read “Chapter 1: Nature of Argumentation” by Besnard & Hunter (2008).
 View “Public Speaking—Informative and Persuasive Speeches” from Films on Demand (2012).

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