Are you hooked

It was like an addiction to me, because without any reason spend most of my time searching unnecessary things. Finally I decided to overcome from it and stop using unnecessary searching and Stop wasting my time. Right now I am not hooked with anything. Stress sounds simple but it is a hard thing to deal. Every people faces different types of stress. In my life I also faced lots of stress. But I had three most stressful moments in my life. When was ill I dressed that maybe had a big health problem and was very scared of that.
All the time was searching online my symptoms and was hooked that time badly. After that when I was pregnant with my second child I was stressed because my first child was only one and half years old that time. Was thinking how can handle my both kids, because had no one here to help me and was stressed that time. I had sleep problem one time. When went to bed all the time I thought couldn’t sleep at night and was feeling so stressed . For my that thought most of the night I couldn’t sleep.
My methods for coping with stress was to change my habits and thoughts. When saw my stress was becoming my distress I just started thinking positively. After some period I had over come from my stresses. Situation that one person sees positively, may another person sees negatively. Stress is simply a body response. Some people takes is easily and some are not. If our stress can notes like positive then it will bring excitement, joy and thrill in our lives.

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Are you hooked
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