Anatomy homework 3

1.- Please name the functions of the sphincter of Oddi. What is diverticulosis, and duodenitis?
2.- Please explain 4 relative positions.
3.- Please explain the action of adrenergic alpha1 receptor, and adrenergic beta2 receptor.
4.- Please name the characteristics of the Sympathetic division.
5.- What is the Babinski reflex? Why is important if it is present in an adult patient?
6.- Please name the 12 Cranial Nerves, and name which is sensory, motor or mixed.
7.- What are the functions of the Cranial Nerve VI, IX, and III ?
8.- What is the anterior chamber in the eye? Which disease can affect it?
9.- Please explain: astigmatism, retinitis, tinnitus, and myopia.
10.- Please name the middle ear parts. What is the function of the Eustachian tube ?

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Anatomy homework 3
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