Advanced Air Quality Control

Consider Godish, Davis, and Fu’s (2014, p. 250) Figure 7.5; the fact that the reported industry practice is to accept sample data within 10% of the true value for statistical sampling methods and within 25% of the true value for passive sampling methods.
What problems do you perceive that this practice could pose when attempting to generalize air quality study outcomes? To what extent do you think that these variances in accuracy and precision pose a problem to an industry attempting to stay in compliance with strict regulatory limits on pollutants?
 every business entity now a days is keen to make sure that the environment is safe from being polluted. Therefore, any business organization hires safety and  environmental engineers so to make sure that the proper steps and monitoring is handled concerning  the proper  disposal of any waste that might harm the environment. It is noticed that very low, or zero tolerance measures are taken by organizations, corportaions and the government entity for the emission of toxins, poison or any type of environmental pollutant.
So, safety and environmental engineer use all kind of sampling throughout the whole production process therefore measure the precise disposal of pollutant or chemical emission in the environment. The type of basic form of sampling that can be used are Source sampling, Area sampling, Personal sampling, Population sampling.all this type of sampling can benefit the population, and the value of each one of them can be compared with the government standard. Also, having a good quality assurance is prerequisit of an effective monitoring. for example, if a sample data report pinpoint that the emission is under 10% of the real value, then  it could be said that the organization is working in the direction of maintaining a safe ecosystem. Hence, safety and environmental engineer must ensure that every type of  sample is gathered and monitored well. however, if any polluted emission value higher than 25% can be extremely dangerous to the environment, and the community.

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Advanced Air Quality Control
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