Activity 1.1

Your university is holding a fund-raiser and will be hiring a band to entertain spectators.  You have been selected to serve as the event project manager and have created a Work Breakdown Structure and duration estimates for the activities involved in site preparation for the event. Construct a network activity diagram based on the following information:
ActivityDescriptionPredecessorsDuration (Days)ASite selectionNone4BBuy concessionsA4CRent facilitiesA2DBuild standsA5EGenerator & wiring installationC2FSecurityB4GLighting installationE2HSound system installationE, F2IStage constructionD3JTear downG, H, I4

Conduct both a forward and backward pass using AON notation.  What is the estimated total duration for the project?
Identify all paths through the network.  Which is the critical path?
Which activities have slack time?
Identify all burst activities and merge activities.

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