action–observation– reflection (A-O-R)

 You will record what you or someone else did that was relevant to topics covered in class (action), what you observed about the action that was taken, and what you learned as a result of the action. You will be using the action–observation– reflection (A-O-R) model as the framework for your module journal entries.
Journal entries will help students gain a better understanding of key concepts and important theories in leadership. It also encourages students to apply course concepts and theories to work and life situations or to examine the actions taken by other leaders.
The journal entry will focus on the application of the topics covered in this module. Generally, a well-developed paragraph for each component of the AOR model will be sufficient.
The format for journal entries:

Action – that I took or that I observed someone else take
Observation – what was the result of the action and the impact it had on others
Reflection – what did is I learn from the action and observation

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One paragraph each (about 3-5 sentences per paragraph)

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