AA2: Workplace experiences

*Pay attention to the Application Assignment Grading Rubric found in the Application Assignment Resources folder in Getting Started section.**
This application assignment requires you to share a newsworthy story OR a workplace experience that demonstrates how one course concept from Module 3 has been used in practice.  The concept that you select may come from the readings, audio lectures, and/or required videos. 

*ORIGINALITY REQUIRED:  This Application Assignment must be your original work for MADM 752.  Your assignments should be your own work and in your own words.  Course material and external sources must be cited and given proper credit using APA style.  In addition, assignments submitted to other classes should not be recycled or re-used for an Application Assignment in this course.  Your Turnitin similarity score will detect these types of submissions.  MADM 752 is specifically about small business and family enterprise.  Therefore, the concept you choose should be related to small business and family enterprise based on the material covered in this week’s module.  View the Turnitin Requirements section below. 

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AA2: Workplace experiences
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News Story Option (if chosen): 

News story must be from a credible source within the last 4 years with appropriate citation.

Context must be provided on why the story is immediately relevant to the topics being covered.

Responses which are purely opinion and anecdotal are not considered to be substantive in nature.

Two external sources to support information required In addition to the news story from a credible source.

Original news story from an external source plus two additional external sources required.

Assigned textbook chapters from the course do not count as external sources.

Workplace Experience Option (if chosen):

DO NOT SHARE CONFIDENTIAL OR PROPRIETARY INFORMATION with the class If you decide to introduce a workplace scenario that you have dealt with or are dealing with at present, 

Use discretion when sharing work related information.  Use aliases instead of real names to maintain privacy.

Two external sources required to support your information in addition to workplace experience.

Workplace experience plus two external sources required.

Assigned textbook chapters from the course do not count as external sources.

Assignment Structure:

The title of application assignment and first sentence of assignment must indicate course concept from Module 3.

First part of application assignment must provide only a brief summary of your work related news article/workplace experience to frame your discussion so that what you are discussing is clear but is not the majority of the post. 

Remainder of application assignment and the primary focus of it is not describing your article/experience in great detail but rather meeting the relevant criteria outlined in the application assignment rubric using your work related article or workplace experience as the context.

Turnitin Requirements:

For each application assignment, your similarity score must meet a threshold of no more than 20%.

Videos to watch:

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