6 Business Story Analyze (The grAde)

(I need 6 of the same assignment. Below you can find the directions for each one. Please follow same steps for each 6 and please create different word doc. for each)
You have to pick an interesting story dealing with international business from the print/internet media. You can pick any story that interest business related story.
– However, you cannot use a story dealing with stock market. You will read this story and then conduct some independent research (at least two other sources) and write the following:
1. A summary in your own words.
2. Individual research on this issue using at least two other internet resources. Please include detailed citations. For example: (http://www.InternationalBusiness.com/article.html):
Make sure you post the FULL URL of the Web site being referenced.
3. Analysis and you own conclusion
4. Why did you choose this story?
5. What did you learn from it?
I HAVE ATTACHED A DOCUMENT.  Please use this as an example. That is how it should look like. Topics can be anything about business. Thank you.. 

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6 Business Story Analyze (The grAde)
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