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Week 2 Assign 1
The foundation of working with networks is to understand basic networking technology concepts such as:
· Network architecture.
· Networking standards.
For this assignment, you are asked to:
1. Define the basic concepts of networking technology, including network architecture.
2. Select either the IEEE or the ISO as a standards-setting organization and explore that organization’s Web site. Using this Web site and your textbook, answer the following questions with regard to standards:
o Explain the purpose and role that standards-setting organizations play in establishing network standards.
o Identify at least two standards in network technology.
o Explain how standards can contribute to the advancement of the network industry.
o Note the importance of the work done by your selected organization in the advancement of network technology
Your paper should:
· Include a title page, table of contents, introduction, headers for each section, and a reference page.
· Not exceed five pages, excluding title, table of contents, and reference pages.
· Use at least three references. The references can come from Capella’s library or the Internet. You may also use your textbook for one of the references.
· Be in APA format, including references and headers.
· Meet the criteria listed in the Network Technology Concepts Scoring Guide.

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