400 reflection paper#3

6 pages
Reflection Paper #3: Using the text, Getting to Yes, analyze a negotiation you have personally experienced in the last 12-18 months. Include the following in your analysis: 
What are principled based negotiations? What are the characteristics of a good negotiation? 
Describe a negotiation that you have had.
Use the framework of the 4 keys of principled negotiation (as outlined in the textbook). 
Observe and analyze your example of a negotiation. Answer the following questions in your paper: 
o Howcouldyouseparatepeoplefromtheproblem?
o Whataretheinterestsv.positionsinthisnegotiation?
o Whatoptionsformutualgainareavailable?
o Whatareobjectivecriteriathatcouldbeusedinthisnegotiation? 
Does your MVS give you any insights as to patterns you have when it comes to engaging in negotiations? 
Conclusion: What would you do differently in the future to produce a better negotiation? 

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400 reflection paper#3
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