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For this assignment you are to CREATE a COURSE SYLLABUS. PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW FOR EVERYTHING THAT IS NEEDED FOR YOUR SYLLABUS PLEASE DO NOT COPIED ANOTHER COURSE SYLLBUS YOU MUST CREATE YOUR OWN (AT LEAST 3-4 PAGES)WHAT BELONGS IN A SYLLABUS? WHAT AM I LOOKING FOR IN GRADING?*Class Name – what school – dates class would be taken – credit hours*Instructor information – best contact method for students*Course objectives / student expectations*Course materials*Course calendar*Major Assignments due with timeline and grading (points or percentages)*Communicate connection from assignments back to objectives*Other information: Attendance/Tardy policy, Plagiarism policy, Resources A syllabus is more than a checklist of items to do.It should do more than dictate. It is communication.It sets the tone for the course-Express expectations and outcomes intended.Objectives should be listed, as well as deadlines.Course materials.Course calendar.(Other information, course sensitive: Lab materials or calendar,Writing lab resources, Plagiarism policies, etc.)Resource::: https://www.chronicle.com/interactives/advice-syllabus THINGS THE SYLLABUS CAN HELP COMMUNICATE:*Students need to understand what is expected from them.*They need to understand their purpose / what outcomes they can lookforward to / how their lives are improved by taking the course. https://teachingcommons.stanford.edu/resources/course-preparation-resources/creating-syllabus *It should be well-written to prevent misunderstandings throughout course.*Tell how grades are calculated; When assignments are due. https://www.cultofpedagogy.com/course-syllabus-how-toDo syllabus for a old or new Testament Class.

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