2 page double-spaced paper

Paper:  This paper or presentation is designed for you to learn about something that interests you. Choose an area of interest that you have in medicine and learn more about it. I do not want you to do a research paper but work off of the internet, as well as look at other texts, and learn about a topic that would benefit you.  The paper should be a few pages long. However, there is not a required minimum length. Submit it on the due date, electronically by uploading it to Canvas under the project/paper assignment under the ‘assignments’ tab. You will have the same one-week grace period to turn in your paper/project as your weekly writing assignments.  Some of the past topics that students have used are:
Artificial joints, artificial valves, stents in the body
Illnesses in their family or themselves
Sports-related topics like rehydration, proper clothing, helmets, KT tape, etc
Common diseases such as asthma, diabetes, or trauma to the body
How do glasses work, contact lenses, hearing aids

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2 page double-spaced paper
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