2 Discussions and 1 case study

Discussion 3.1
What is Python?  What are some of the attributes of Python?  Why is Python preferred over some other languages? 

Discussion 3.2 
You can use python for many reasons, what are some of the uses of Python outside of academia?  

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2 Discussions and 1 case study
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Discussion 3.3
What did you learn during this week in regards to Python?  

Case Study 3.1
Using google scholar to find an article about Python3 and tell the class about what the article says, giving your personal views on the article and what it has to say about Python3. Remember to deploy your personal views into the case study not just what the article has to say. Remember, the below instructions about peer-reviewed material.Writing Requirements

3–4 pages in length  (excluding cover page, abstract, and reference list)
Include at least 2-3 peer-reviewed sources that are properly cited
APA format, Use the APA template located in the Student Resource Center to complete the assignment.
Please use the Case Study Guide as a reference point for writing your case study.

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