Module 6: Discussion: The Medieval West and Gender
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To analyze issues of gender in the Medieval West
The theme of this module’s discussion board is gender.
Pick two of these web links to read. (See more details under Directions below.)

The Life of St. Liutberga download
The Goodman of Paris   download
Christine de Pizan, excerpts from “City of Ladies” download
Canterbury Tales: Prologue to Wife of Bath’s Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer download

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Choosing two of the readings above, answer the following questions. Focus on creating an argument that is supported with specific evidence from the documents. 

Are there specific expectations placed on women according to the documents? 
How do the women discussed in the documents challenge these expectations? 
Some of the women in these documents were not actual women but allegorical characters, how does the creation of these women allegory a way to challenge social norms?
How might these documents portray how women negotiated their own space within the expected norms?

When you have completed your response, please respond to another classmate’s post with a substantial response.
Note: You will not be able to view your classmates’ posts until you make your first post.

This discussion board assignment is worth 100 points.
Students are only required to complete FOUR of the Discussion Boards for their grade. Students may choose to complete ANY four of the seven Discussion Boards to complete this requirement. Additionally, students may choose to complete a fifth Discussion Board for extra credit. See the Rubric below for a detailed explanation of how this discussion will be graded.
Discussions are worth 25% of the overall gr

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