10.4 Assignment

Throughout this course, you have gained advanced insights into the field of biostatistics. You were introduced to what biostatistics is and why it is fundamental to the public health, nursing, and health science fields. You learned how to collect data and consider how reliable and valid it is, in addition to discovering how data is created for certain types of studies. You learned to visually analyze data via frequency distributions and expand upon that knowledge by investigating numerical summaries of location and spread. You also explored random variability and the likelihood that a given event will occur. You then discovered that probability is inherently unpredictable in the short term but can be inferred in the long run. You then explored the binomial probability distribution, which is a frequency distribution that is most commonly used for discrete random variables. Additionally, you encountered the normal probability distribution, a frequency distribution most commonly used for continuous random variables. You were introduced to statistical inference, which is when biostatisticians use data from a sample to generalize inferences about a population. You also learned about hypothesis testing, which is one of the more common ways in which statistical inferences are made. You explored a second technique of statistical inference: estimation, including both point estimation and interval estimation. The course helped you see how to make inferences about a mean and the difference between two means. You then examined two independent groups and whether there was a difference between their means by comparing distributions of a continuous variable using graphical techniques, summary/descriptive statistics, and the two-sample independent t-test. You also explored one-way ANOVA testing by comparing means from two or more groups. Finally, you discovered the techniques used to examine the association between two quantitative/continuous variables.

Complete a this short assignment which will be covering the main topics in this course. Please answer all questions clearly. 

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10.4 Assignment
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